There are two types of construction for swimming pools:

1. Block Work Pools
This type of construction is made by firstly joining a concrete slab for the base of the pool, we then create a wall around the pool using breeze blocks, once the walls are completed we render over the blocks to form the shell of the pool. you can then either tile the pool or use a liner. The only disadvantages of a block constructed pool is that you are limited to one shape either rectangular or square but it can be less expensive than the sprayed concrete method.

2. Reinforced Concrete Pools
This type of pool uses steel rods form the structure of the pool, once all the rods are positioned in place we then spray concrete over the rods to form the inside of the pool shell. You can then tile straight onto the smooth concrete finish.This type of pool allows you to create any shape of pool you want and is most common in the commercial side of pool construction.

Indoor Pools
For indoor pools we can also undertake the construction of the building also the air handling systems that would need to be installed.


• New pool design and build.

• Jacuzzi whirlpool installation

• Hot tub installation service.

• Maintenance contracts.

• Indoor pool structures.

• Repair to existing pools.

• Filtration systems.

• Dehumidification Systems.

• Underwater lamp replacements.

All work is professional and guaranteed.


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