Liner PoolsLiner Pools

Depending on your budget a liner can be installed, this is a much more affordable system and is most common in the domestic household pools. A liner can be used in the event of a leaking pool and can be custom made to fit any shape and size pool.

There are many colours and patterns to choose from, each liner can be manufactured to your specifications, you can choose from many tile bands and different mosaic patterns.

Well maintained liners usually have a lifetime of about 15 years depending on there location. Although the liners are made to withstand the effects from chemicals great care must be taken to ensure that correct levels of chlorine are maintained at all times.

We also replace exiting liners and can arrange for a site visit depending on your location. Once we have measured your pool we then issue you with an itemised cost and depending on the size of the pool installation normally takes one or two days. All fittings and seals are replaced with new ones to ensure a watertight seal, the pool is then filled and tested.

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