Deck level pools

This type of pool requires a lot more construction techniques but is the ultimate in luxury. The water overflows from the pool into a grate, as the grate is the same level as the deck this creates an effect of continuity which makes the pool look larger than it is. Once the water has overflowed into the grate it is then taken to a balancing tank, this stores water from the pool and keeps the water at the same level however many bathers are using the pool. The tank is usually stored underground and fitted with float switches to activate the pump, water is then taken from the tank and through the circulation system before returning to the pool by the return inlets. Pool water is normally very high quality, its surface water is drawn off the pool throughout its perimeter.

deck level pool deck level pool deck level pool

Due to the extra grating, gutters and construction, deck level pools are more expensive than ordinary pools but do look more attractive.

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